Patrick Henry College Strategic Intelligence

A Program that Teaches Students to Seek the Truth and Become Christ-like Leaders

By Rachel Cochran

Patrick Henry College‘s Strategic Intelligence program seeks to provide a quality understanding of the intelligence community and international studies while also offering students practical experience. The high-level internships that Patrick Henry College provides its students give them an opportunity to learn leadership skills from a classical liberal arts perspective.

Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major includes a discussion of how ethics play into today’s world of intelligence and how to equips respect the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society. Students learn how to view a unique aspect of intelligence through having the foundation of a high-quality liberal arts education.

The Strategic Intelligence Major at Patrick Henry College cultivates their ability to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges in order to defend the security of the United States.

Producing Influential Leaders in National Security

Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence Program is designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience through a rigorous and systematic study of the intelligence discipline.

But it doesn’t stop there, Patrick Henry College also seeks to fully equip its students so that they may influence and lead the intelligence and national security endeavors of the United States. This is the goal of the SI program: to equip bright Christian leaders to positively impact National Security.

“PHC’s SI program is designed to help students succeed in the real world. The professors are renowned experts in their fields and the curriculum is designed to challenge students in a way that prepares them to excel outside of the academic environment. The opportunity to participate in and lead intelligence projects that are designed by current and former intelligence specialists is unmatched. Due to my experience in PHC’s SI program, I not only gained an exceptional education but was propelled into an exciting and rewarding career upon graduation,” 2008 Alumnus and Senior Consultant at BAH said.

Strategic Intelligence Major Courses

The SI program equips students with a respect for the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society. The classes are designed to teach students how to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges in order to defend the security of the United States.

Patrick Henry College faculty consult with a Board of Advisors comprised of nationally recognized experts in intelligence and national security. They ensure that the Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program gives students a wide-variety of fields to study such as Counter-Terrorism and Ethics of Intelligence.

The internship experiences of Strategic Intelligence students at Patrick Henry College prepares them to be outstanding intelligence professionals, by guiding them in research projects and immersive internships with law enforcement or government agencies.

Students gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to compete effectively for positions in the intelligence and national security industries. “PHC made good on their promise that when they gave me an education they would put me two to three years ahead of others professionally,” 2010 Alumnus and Unit Chief at a Government Agency said.

What Makes SI Unique?

Patrick Henry College requires students to complete a vast 63-credit core curriculum. This applies to all students, regardless of their major. It is designed to make student think through the biggest questions—what is good, what is right, what is true? And perhaps most importantly, how ought Christians to go about addressing the world’s problems?

The Strategic Intelligence core and electives tailor those questions to a distinctly National Security-oriented perspective. This is what makes Patrick Henry College’s approach to Strategic Intelligence unique: its dedication to a liberal arts education that allows students to consider the fundamental questions of life in their respective fields of interest.

Intelligence is a ‘service profession.’ This means that Christians in intelligence are called like Jesus, “to serve, rather than be served”. This principle flows into all areas of life, making an impact on student’s professional endurance and integrity.

The Fall of Creation evidences itself in organizations, processes, technology applications, and in personal relationships. As a consequence, there is a great need for moral leadership in the intelligence profession as there is in all of life. The Strategic Intelligence Major at Patrick Henry College seeks to fulfill this need.

Distinguished Faculty

Patrick Henry College seeks to not only provide students with unique core classes and hands-on experience, but also qualified faculty who are experts in the field and can guide students toward the best internships and class experience.

Dr. Gordon Middleton is Patrick Henry College’s Director of the Strategic Intelligence Program and has extensive experience in US intelligence, research and analysis, and other subjects related to the intelligence field. He has published several books on war, intelligence, and cyber assurance. Dr. Middleton teaches students to not only consider the deep implications of intelligence on today’s modern landscape, but also the ethical discussion that is vital to presenting intelligence in an accurate light.

Other faculty members include Professor Jonathan Binnie, who is a former FBI Chief Counterintelligence Strategist. David Shedd is the former acting director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and is on the Board of Advisors for Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence Program.

In addition, Rich Harver is the former Special Assistant for Intelligent to the Secretary of Defense and former Chief of Staff of the National Intelligence Council. Adjunct Professor Brian J. Auten teaches Counterterrorism at Patrick Henry College and is currently an intelligence analyst with the US government.

Finally, Ed Waltz is a former Distinguished member of the Technical Staff at Virginia Tech and has authored several publications. He is an Adjunct Instructor at Patrick Henry College.

The numerous distinguished faculty give Patrick Henry College students the best understanding of Strategic Intelligence as well as the connections necessary to explore the field in-depth through immersive internships.

Positive Impact on the Future

As the threats of terrorism and navigating international affairs becomes increasingly difficult, our nation is in more and more need for ethical and knowledgeable leaders in the intelligence community. Patrick Henry College wants to enable students to do just that.

The United States is in a volatile era, the world has become more globally oriented, national security concerns have been pushed to the forefront, and American policy makers strive to make the country a safer place.

Understanding the truth is paramount in today’s society. If American policy makers must have access to both accurate and relevant data. Ethical retrieval and interpretation of information requires strategic operations and analysis grounded in strong morals.

Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program focuses on training students as skilled analysts so that they will have a positive impact on US national security and policy-making decisions. We prepare our students to commit themselves to a generational opportunity for emerging, young leaders in the Intelligence profession.

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