Patrick Henry College Journalism

by Carrie Durning

Journalism Entrepreneurship at Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College continues to meet the reputation of being one of the top Christian colleges in the country. Each academic major offered at Patrick Henry College offers a classical Christian liberal arts education of high academic rigor and excellence, one that is not excluded from any specific major the students choose to study.

The classical Christian liberal arts education offered at Patrick Henry College combines an unwavering biblical worldview, high academic rigor, and lifts high both faith and reason; combining a unique fusion of three distinctives which sets Patrick Henry College apart from any other college in the world.

Patrick Henry College believes in a very unique formula which builds the Journalism program and lifts it to such a unique program compared to any other BA-level program in Journalism. Already having a reputation for being a rigorous, successful major at PHC, the Journalism major added a specific study to the variety: Journalism Entrepreneurship.

A New Focus for Journalists at Patrick Henry College

The Journalism major at Patrick Henry College requires special and intimate major-specific courses, depending on the focus of the major. Focuses on the journalism major include Political Journalism, Classical Liberal Arts Journalism, and the newest edition, Journalism Entrepreneurship.

Courses required for the Journalism major in general for the excellence Patrick Henry College strives for are courses such as Journalism I and Journalism II, and electives which include Multimedia Skills, Journalism History, Print Media Graphics, Narrative Nonfiction, and others.

The Journalism Entrepreneurship Track at Patrick Henry College includes 12 course credits of high academic rigor to Journalism Entrepreneurship: Business Methods and Entrepreneurship, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and one of the following two courses: Competitive Strategy and Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Thrive in Multiple Career Paths

Patrick Henry College has a reputation of the top Christian institutions of higher education in the country. This reputation of excellence does not fall short of the Journalism Entrepreneurship Track that now joins the two existing tracks: Political Journalism and Liberal Arts Journalism.

Journalism alumni from Patrick Henry College have graduated to work in news organizations such as WORLD Magazine, WORLD Radio, Fox News, The Federalist, and many more. Journalism students with PHC have also succeeded in jobs such as the Heritage Foundation, The Discovery Institute, The Colson Center, the NSA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

With the addition of Journalism Entrepreneurship to the Journalism major options, students have more opportunities than ever to grasp what their skills and knowledge will make them capable of.

For Excellence and Success

Students in the Journalism Entrepreneurship major will succeed in helping shape the next generation of news and media companies, with critical skills with words and concepts to help succeed in excellence in a wide variety of careers.

Journalism Entrepreneurship is for students at Patrick Henry College interested in both business and journalism. These interests include writing about business, working on the business side of media organization, or perhaps even starting their own news or media organization.

The Journalism Entrepreneurship Track adds advanced courses in math in economics to PHC’s classical liberal arts core and specific classes to ensure excellence in journalism and business.

Excellence in Teaching at Patrick Henry College

Dr. Les Sillars, the Associate Academic Dean, the Chairman of the Department Applied Liberal Arts, and the Professor of Journalism at Patrick Henry College, has taught at PHC since 2002. Dr. Sillars has been on staff with WORLD News Group, where he is an editor and commentator for its daily podcast, The World and Everything In It.

Dr. Sillar’s writing has also been published with many outlets from First Things to The Weekly Standard.

About the new journalism track of Journalism Entrepreneurship at Patrick Henry College, Dr. Sillars said that he is delighted with the decision of PHC’s accreditors to approve the proposal of the major.

See, Think, Write, and Serve with Clarity

 The Media industry has seen much disruption in recent years, Dr. Sillars said. He added that with much disruption comes opportunity. This new track of Journalism Entrepreneurship at Patrick Henry College will give students the skills and tools they need to develop new ways to do and finance journalism.

“But it offers even more than that,” Dr. Sillars added. The most foundational skills found in journalism are the abilities to see the world clearly, think clearly, and write clearly.

Dr. Sillars believes that if you can do those things, you can be a journalist; to see, think, and write with clarity allows for serving the Lord in the journalism field or elsewhere.

Endless Possibilities

As a result of the new journalism track of Journalism Entrepreneurship at Patrick Henry College, PHC graduates will have the merit to find jobs in newsrooms if that is what they choose.

However, Patrick Henry College journalism graduates have also become teachers, lawyers, communications professionals, analysis, and other careers. The Journalism Entrepreneurship track opens more doors in fields which require people with keen analytical skills, relational ability, and talent for effective communication.

The possibilities for graduates with a Journalism Entrepreneurship degree are, but are not limited to, everything from an analyst to a marketer in fields as diverse as law enforcement and financial services, Dr. Sillars adds.

The Goal of Journalism Entrepreneurship at Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College sees the Journalism Entrepreneurship track as a way to train young Christian college students to take leading roles in the industry God has them in. Patrick Henry Graduates with a Journalism Entrepreneurship degree will be able to both edit the news articles and read the spreadsheets.

Tradition holds that not many journalism students dream of working in the business side of industry; breaking down spreadsheets of subscription trends is seen as less exciting as writing the news breaking stories. But in reality, those who run news organizations have to be skilled at both, and they’re looking for intelligent young people to fill this growing need. This is why Patrick Henry College believes that it’s students, who have both storytelling skills and a head for numbers, will find many internship and job opportunities available.

The journalism industry is changing rapidly and has been for the last 20 years. Since the 1800s newspapers and magazines have been dependent on ad revenue for survival, but the arrival of internet and smartphones upended their business models in the early 2000s.

New ways of funding journalism are on the horizon, but Patrick Henry College believes in the need for bright young people who understand both journalism and business to discover the steps to take in the journalism industry. PHC started the Journalism Entrepreneurship track because of the huge opportunity to develop new journalistic models and, maybe, build new news organizations.

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