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While most students at Patrick Henry College spend their final two years taking classes pertinent to a specific field, Classical Liberal Arts majors spend their upperclassman years branching out into a variety of general areas of study. The Classical Liberal Arts major provides students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective courses. Students at Patrick Henry College may use these elective credits to fulfill one of the minors or simply to explore whichever fields interest them. What truly shapes the major, however, is the emphasis that is placed on developing a biblical worldview in various fields of study such as theology, philosophy, history, and literature Course.


Patrick Henry College trains its students to think and act in such a way that influences the culture for Christ and for liberty. One of the ways it does so is by promoting a biblical worldview through courses work. Regardless of their major, each Patrick Henry College student is required to take two semesters of theology. Classical Liberal Arts majors are required to take at least one upper-level theology courses and may also choose to take other theology courses as major electives.

Understanding the world around us involves understanding where we come from. Inherently, we are reflections of God’s nature and as such should seek to know Him to fulfill our purpose on earth. Studying theology at Patrick Henry College teaches Classical Liberal Arts majors to wrestle with matters of faith and doctrine to develop an unwavering Christian worldview and influence their actions in whatever field they may end up working. Belief influences action, and what we believe about God is reflected by our choices. As Patrick Henry College Classical Liberal Arts majors, students have the opportunity to spend time delving into Scriptures and classic theological works.

Philosophyat Patrick Henry College

Hand in hand with theology comes the discipline of philosophy. In addition to the required core philosophy course at Patrick Henry College, Classical Liberal Arts majors devote an entire semester to studying the field of ethics. Not only does this help students understand how to define principles of morality, but it also helps them relate their beliefs to the world in a practical way.

The great philosophers spent entire lifetimes trying to explain the origins of moral standards and understand the purpose of living. Studying philosophy encourages students to ask the big questions in life, such as “What does it mean to live the good life?” or “How can we find meaning?” Ethics in particular challenges students to intertwine faith and reason by considering how faith influences morality and whether any absolute standard for morality exists and is knowable through reason alone. Understanding morality influences the choices and actions we take, ultimately also affecting our relationships with others.

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History at Patrick Henry College

Although people define history in many different ways, in general, people agree that history involves the study of humanity and the events that shape the world as we know it. History is more than just a collection of facts. It not only reveals human nature but also provides a context by which to understand our role in modern-day culture. By focusing on the reasons why events occurred, historians are better able to grasp the meaning behind life.

One of the major courses required for the Classical Liberal Arts majorat Patrick Henry College is Historiography. In this course, students explore different worldviews and how their application influences the meaning that can be derived from history. In essence, studentsat Patrick Henry College explore what it means to do history as a Christian. This not only enables them to understand how today’s culture was shaped but also how they can best influence the American culture Christianly and in accordance with the spirit of the American founding.


Just as the universe was created by God’s words, in some sense, as image-bearers of God we can create imaginative worlds through our words. How we interpret words has a direct impact on how we interpret our lives. Literary Theory and Criticism is a course designed for Patrick Henry College students to study worldviews in literature and the implications of their application.

Literature provides a means of creating hypothetical worlds in which new ideas, philosophies, or values can be explored. Because of this, at Patrick Henry College Classical Liberal Arts students have the opportunity to develop their literary interpretation skills as well as sharpen their written skills to create works that truly reflect excellence both in an academic and in a Christian way.

The Classical Liberal Arts major exposes students to a wide array of worldviews in many different fields with the intent of cultivating an unwavering biblical worldview that will push students toward living for Christ and for liberty. Because the Classical Liberal Arts major is such a broad field, students can use the critical thinking skills they learn to apply to almost any job in the workforce. The high academic rigor of Patrick Henry College combined with a classical Christian liberal arts education encourages students to live with excellence keeping before them constantly both faith and reason.

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